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Payroll peace of mind with payroll support.

Now you have complete peace of mind knowing that your Single Touch Payroll support needs are being met. With e-PayDay Single Touch Payroll Support Specialists just a phone call away, take the stress out of your Pay Day! provides a central location for your e-PayDay® payroll software support queries. Software updates and upgrades, answers to common payroll questions, and other valuable payroll information, are just a simple mouse click away. If you have a current subscription you are able download any payroll software upgrades directly from this site.

In the event of your Pay Person being absent or leaving, the necessity arises for another employee to 'fill their shoes'. e-PayDay® payroll support personnel have experienced this on many occasions where an employee has telephoned greatly distressed, being inexperienced in payroll. Payroll support specialists are just a phone call away, and with a support contract, they are there to assist in every possible way taking the pain out of your payroll.

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